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100408 Ryeowook Fancafe Entry

04.08.10 10:41
Title : Oh My Lady ^^

Wow~~^^ I couldn’t watch it on TV and since someone had downloaded them… I woke up and watched all 2 episodes of the show.. ㅋ
I was wondering how Siwon hyung’s acting will be and he was good at acting, very very natural ㅋㅋ~~
He’s very tired from filming the drama.. Please support Siwon hyung^^ ~~~

P.S. I have to see Sungmin hyung’s Gil Dong…;; who wants to go with me~~ ㅋ


Source: Ryeowook’s Fancafe
English Translation: Minnie @

100205 Siwon Fancafe Entry

10.02.05 00:49

First message in the .. new year ^^;;
even though it’s a little late, but i still wish everyone very~~~happiness in this new year ^o^
seriously, (i’m) really sorry ^o^! is currently reflecting my actions, so please forgive me keke
ok ok ok, have you all been living well?
really just suddenly two months has past..
because of everyone’s prayers and love, i’m gonna film a drama now ^o^
If it weren’t for our “siwonest’ members’ prayers, it wouldn’t be possible.
Once again thank you, and thank you to our lord (god)!
when i’m filming for drama, really worried for my health and mental state,
need everyone’s lots ~~ and lots more of care ^-^ please
also remember to pray for our 4th album ^o^ understand?
even though filming date and location is still undecided…come later to travel and visit ^o^
praying that everyone will become “siwonest” family that is guided by our lord (god)…
Bless you all..

From. Siwon Choi


cafe.daum & forsiwon

100101 Heechul Kiseki Fancafe Entry

2 0 1 0
10.01.01 02:05

Firstly, a very happy new year to all of you ㅋㅋ

It’s 2010.. Really.. Time passes so fast right?
Debuted in 2005.. Sigh..
I thought of when I first did Banolim

Along with Kibum, the two of us who were clueless, took part in the drama ^-^
When the script was out, we had to look through it several times a day to practise with each other and had fun together..

Looking at it this way, I did Rainbow Romance with Kibum together as well ㅋㅋ
With the new set of chemistry, I became one step closer to be better at acting naturally
Looking at it now, my freestyle acting had greatly improved ㅋㅋ

Next was Bad Family ㅋㅋ
Performance, variety, MC, DJ, drama, sitcom..
It should be my most exhausting and sensitive period ㅋㅋ
Till now, I still occasionally gather with the Bad Family team
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100101 Leeteuk Fancafe Entries

10.01.01 17:01

..happy new year..

..i say it’s the beginning..

..who says it’s the end..


source; 天輝龍
translated by; carolyn @

10.01.01 17:02

..beginning and the end..

..i say it’s the beginning


source; 온새미로
translated by; carolyn @

* he wrote 1 each for onsaemiro and chunhweeryung..

091231 Ryeowook Fancafe Entry

happy new year~^^
09.12.31 06:36

hello ~ this is daesang* singer ryeowook!!^^

greeting came a little late~ (sorry~)
i can only convey how touched i was at the golden disk awards now~
a big thank you to those who supported super junior’s 3rd album ~

2009.. seemed like an eventful year..
i think i’ve gained alot from all the happenings~

it’ll be great if 2010 can be filled with just all our happy memories!!^^
loving and loving and loving you from the bottom of my heart~~!!!

the remaining hours of 2009.. spend it well~~!!!

i’ll be a constantly improving ryeowook^^
let’s live well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

Ps. busy end of the year award shows~! nevertheless i’m happy!!!^^

* daesang = the award they won on golden disk awards.


fill me in ryeowook
translated by; carolyn @

091213 Siwon Fancafe Entry

Title: 12.13.2009
Written on 09.12.13 at 03:32 AM

To our dear families..
Our families who are always with us..
Thank you so much ^-^
Even regardless of how far apart we’ve been this year
I’ve constantly been doing well thanks to everyone’s prayers!
Thank you so much once again

Successfully wrapped up the Nanjing concert and now I’m posting up late in the morning ^-^
Is everyone alright?
Lately I’ve been too absent-minded so I’m sorry I couldn’t visit!
When I’m done writing this entry I’ll go say my prayers for everyone before I sleep ^0^

In my prayers I always sincerely wish for our dear families to dwell in the Lord ^0^
See you in Korea our dear families

I love you more day by day ! Love you all & Blessing


Original Source. 최시원 at
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

091203 Siwon Fancafe Entry

09.12.03 01:04

it’s all thanks to everyone’s prayers and support the Bangkok concert ended successfully and i returned safely ^-^
thank you, thank you , xiexie, khob khun krab, arigato gozaimasu etcetc 🙂
anyhow i’m really thankful to everyone ^0^

and this week i’ll be going to Taiwan for Super Junior M’s fanmeeting
hope it will end successfully like in Thailand
everyone please pray that there will be happy moments together with the fans in taiwan ^-^
i read the replies to my message last week and it’s really good ^-^
i’m really thankful for all the prayers for my team and I. .. 🙂
but it’s a pity if (the fans’) real names were provided i can pray and give more details (to God)
it’ll be better if you write your real name 🙂 (yereuldeulreo daye heesun jueon suyeon mihwa mira nari dajung yoonji yoonhye yerim yueun etc ,
especially! yoonji-yang maternal-uncle you’ll get well soon no worries!, sumin-yang’s grandfather you’ll get well soon too! and paranhaebaragi-nim
read this and smile for 5 seconds ^0^!! )
please pray to God Father please pray for hyukjaeeuijebalkyun-nim.. for keunom-nim.. please pray for daeseneunsibsamida-nim
at this rate (typing) can be abit … of a problem so maybe i request that you write your real names ^0^
i really read all the replies carefully so those with problems let’s share them 🙂
you don’t know how much strength can be given just by praying for each other ^0^

anyway! please do not catch a cold and continue to pray 🙂 !!

love u n miss you all !

source: the siwonest
translated by; carolyn @

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Hi there! I just want you to know that I won't be able to post proper updates these coming days.. I will be busy with school stuff. With all the academics and non-academic activities, plus my OJT, I don't think I'll still have the time.. I'll still try to post though.. Thanks for understanding.. And don't worry, my mind might not be with Super Junior, but my heart will always be with them... Hwaiting~~!!


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