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[TRANS] 100331 Super Junior’s interview with SeeSanBunTerngSod’s Thailand Channel 3

Super junior interview with ‘SeeSanBunTerngSod’s Thailand Channel 3’

△ All: สวัสดีครับ! (Hello!) We’re Super Junior !

– Interviewer: Can say that your Thai language was so good and your greeting tradition was so better than old. Besides normally greeting such as ‘Hello’ or ‘Thank you’ can you guys said another sentence?

△ Leeteuk: ผมเซ็กซี่ไหม? (Am I sexy?) ดีมาก (Very good)

– Interviewer: Oh, ดีมาก so you guys often go to Thailand. Do you have any impression?

△ Leeteuk: Yeah, we’re very impress and wanted to go to Pattaya* very much because Pattaya was first place that we performed our concert and was the first place that we performed the concert on Thailand**. We talked each other that if the time that we can’t sing and dance come. Last our concert will be organize at Pattaya.

– Interviewer: If they talk about Thailand, they will consider Thailand first. Now Thai fanclub has been waiting for the 4th album a long time. Is the releasing 4th album time close?

△Leeteuk: We’re preparing for the 4th album and we dedicate on it very much. I need the fanclub please wait for awhile and you will meet with 4th album soon.

– Interviewer: Ah, finally it’s last time. Do you guys want to say with Thai fanclub which is following and waiting for the 4th album? I want to everyone say it, sir.

△ Donghae: Thai fanclub, please wait for awhile. 4th album is releasing soon and it’s more special than period albums, thank you.

△ Sungmin: Don’t forget to follow our album, thank you.

△ Kyuhyun: Thanks Thai fanclub who follow Super Junior and don’t forget to follow our next album too, thank you.

△ Yesung: We’ll come back with our 4th album, please wait for awhile.

△ Ryeowook: Please wait for a moment, we’ll come back with our new album and please follow both of CF, Drama and concert too.

△Shindong: I’m sure that Thai fanclub must be pleasurable for our 4th album. Please wait for a moment.

– Interviewer: Thank you.

* Pattaya is not province but it’s special self-governing province like Bangkok which don’t count these, Thailand will have 74 province.
** These sentences are not same, please read well.


Thai to English translated by sonethloveshizz at


[TRANS] 100329 Sukira Transcript – Junsu cracked Eunhyuk’s knuckles

Junsu cracked Eunhyuk’s knuckles
Leeteuk: “I heard that people who like to crack their knuckles, if they don’t hear the “crack” sounds from all ten fingers, they won’t start doing anything.”
Eunhyuk: “Mm, that’s right. Those that like to crack their knuckles like it even more when they crack other people’s knuckles, so irritating.”
Leeteuk: “ Mm mm! Donghae is just like that.”
Eunhyuk: “Donghae is also counted. When Junsu is younger, he cracks his knuckles really fast….”
Leeteuk: “Yeah right, I remember now.”
Eunhyuk: “His movements are faster than our eyes, while standing beside him you can always hear the “cracking” sounds.”
Leeteuk: “He cracks his knuckles as fast as a blink.”
Eunhyuk: “Now my fingers are all bent, because of that guy.”
Leeteuk: “Constantly cracking the knuckles is bad for the joints, better don’t crack so much.”


Chinese translation: kimseohye’s cyworld
English translation: dhatsying @
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[TRANS] 100108-100114 Sukira Transcripts, Invisible Members, Perfect 179, Eunteuk in swimwear etc.

In the extremely cold weather, Leeteuk used his hands to wash his car
Leeteuk: A few days ago, when the temperature was below zero, it snowed and the car was dirty. So in the middle of the night, at 10.30, I went to a self service car wash place, empty handed. I put in a coin, and empty handed, I poured a bucket of water onto the car. After pouring it, (the water on the car) became ice.
Eunhyuk: Nonsense, it was such a cold day, of course it would freeze.
Leeteuk: It was about -7/-8 degrees, I hesitated whether to continue, in my heart I was thinking, when a man pulls out a sword, he should proceed, and end the battle quickly*. The bubbles were all frozen, my hands were almost breaking. Again, I hesitated if I wanted to leave it as it is. The car would break down…… No, a man should persevere to the end. I poured another bucket of water, my frozen hands really couldn’t continue wiping. I put my hand in the water again, my hand could move, but the water was very cold, the feeling was like my hand was being ripped apart……
Eunhyuk: You were filming Invincible Challenge…… What were you doing so foolishly.
Leeteuk: I was almost dying.
Eunhyuk: Sending the car to a car wash would get the job done, why would you want to wash it yourself.
Leeteuk: Anyway I persevered to the end, when I finished washing the entire car was frozen, it wasn’t easy for me to open the car door.
Eunhyuk: When you wash your car, you don’t take a look at the weather conditions.

*I did a literal translation, but the gist of it is that since he has already started doing something, he should continue and just get it over and done with.

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[TRANS] 100122 – 100204 Sukira Transcripts

100122 A nice to bully fool
Eunhyuk: Once, before debut, we had an outdoor activity. When the activity finished, we decided to get some noodles from the food stands. As I was wearing formal suits, and my cold hands are in the pockets, I guessed I looked like some deliquent. The drunk guy beside me shouted to us, “Oi, kids”, but we didn’t catch it, and were still discussing what to eat. He then raised his volum, “Did you hear me?”. Only then did we responded, and he said, “Other than you guys, who else would I be talking to? Oi, you better get your hands out of your pockets!”
As I didn’t want to create any more trouble, I took them out of my pokcets, the members asked why he treated us like that……
Leeteuk: Your story is too nice. The weather that day was super cold, so we all put our hands in our pockets and discussed what to eat. All of a suden this guy shouted at us, “That bunch of dyed hair kids…… Oi! Take your hands out of your pockets!” We know that the guy was picking at us, so we wanted to ignore him, preventing more trouble. Who knows Eunhyuk turned his head right at the moment and they had eye contact, and I think you (EH) looked like a person who can be bullied, so he shouted at you, “Yes you! Take them out!” That’s why Eunhyuk took his hands out……
Eunhyuk: I did it so as to avoid more trouble, our manager said something nice to the guy so it was settled. Anyways, there are also a lot of people who looks for faults in people also.

100128 4JIB in recording process?
Ryeowook guested in KTR, and when it was ending, he expressed his thoughts and leaked afew plans.
Leeteuk: Ryeowook, you didn’t come to KTR for such a long time, let’s say something to the fans.
Ryeowook: Everyone had waited for so long, we, Super Junior, ……
Leeteuk: Will we have a Comeback?
Ryeowook: Should be…… We are now recording, please look forward to it, wait for us.
Leeteuk: Yeap, we are also looking forward to it.

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[TRANS] 100115 – 100121 Sukira Transcripts, Lack of “face”, Leeteuk beaten up, Stingy Eunhyuk etc.

100115 – 100121 Sukira Transcripts

Men who have no face in front of women
Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, when was it, that you felt you were very short and small?
Leeteuk: The year when we were having Happy (SJ-H) activities, we went to a volley ball court once, and as Super Junior’s leader, I walked in full of confidence. Once I saw the handsome male volley ball players, I couldn’t lift my head. 193…… 198……
Eunhyuk: You looked like a dwarf.
Leeteuk: The Im Yong Han team members? Who are they, all of them look so handsome, and they are so tall, looking at them, I’m really envious. I’m wearing shoe lifts, and I still need to lift my head to look at them, it’s like with someone 3 meters tall.
Eunhyuk: Really envious……
Leeteuk: Have you had moments like this?
Eunhyuk: It was also during the Super Junior activities period, we went to two Super Model Selection Finals.
Leeteuk: Miss Korea beauty contest, we’ve been to both of them.
Eunhyuk: At that time, when we were escorting them onstage, it really embarrassed me…… Guys should be a lot taller than girls, but……
Leeteuk: We should be at least 15cm taller
Eunhyuk: But we’re too short, we really don’t have any face
Leeteuk: They are all 176 tall, and add on heels of 15cm
Eunhyuk: Even if the stylists put in their best efforts to find us the highest shoes, it’s also useless
Leeteuk: Next time, if we go there again, we can pile our hair vertically upwards
Eunhyuk: Or we can just sit there, and not escort them on stage
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[TRANS] 091106-091112 Sukira Transcript

091106 It’s our fourth anniversary
Leeteuk: A lot of people sent congratulatory messages today
Eunhyuk: En, really thank you to everyone for this thought
Leeteuk: PD congratulated us too. November 6th 2005 was a Sunday, we debuted with ‘Twins’. Eunhyuk do you still remember the situation that day?
Eunhyuk: Can’t remember the details, only remember that a lot of people came; our first time on stage (so we were) very nervous, but still more than a thousand fans came. I was shocked, and very happy at the same time. Still remember that our parents came to congratulate (us), (and) the scene of everyone hugging and crying after getting off the stage
Eeteuk: En, everyone cried
Eunhyuk: After going home watched our performance repeatedly a lot of times, almost memorized every scenario, even remember the singer going on stage after us
Eeteuk: Who was it?
Eunhyuk: Jang Yoon Jung’s ‘Kkot’. Every video’s clips will have the end remaining, I even memorized this before, really watched it a lot of times
Eeteuk: For such a long time our love for everybody, it’s really not easy, we survived nicely. We will continue to work hard, (to) become the most fabulous singers
Eunhyuk: Really a lot of things happened over these four years, hope that we can always be together for the remaining time from now onwards
Eeteuk: Debuted for four years, Sukira has launched for three years and two months, it’s really a long time, hopefully is able to go even further
Eunhyuk: It’s still short, there’s longer road, our hearts are as if we’re new-comers
Eeteuk: Only three-four years

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[TRANS/NEWS] 100119 Interview with Yesung & Sungmin at musical ‘s press conference

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