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Official and fan taken pictures, Fan cams and download link…

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[NEWS] 100215 SJ-M hopes to come back to Taiwan, Donghae hopes to act with Ariel Lin

SJ-M hopes to come back to Taiwan, Donghae vows to act with Ariel Lin

Korean group Super Junior-M‘s Super Girl album sold more than 20,000 copies in Taiwan last year. Donghae happily said, “In the year of the tiger, if we release a new album, we hope it will be a success. However, what I long to achieve the most is to act together with darling Ariel Lin.”
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[PIC] 100212 Semir Ad

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[PIC] 100128 SJM filming for OPPO


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[SCANS] 100124 A-STAR January ,Super Show 2 in Thailand

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[NEWS] 100119 Miss International Tourism Event, fans sad about HanGeng’s Absence

“Choi Siwon, I love you!” “Henry! Henry!” Yesterday night, when popular Korean group Super Junior M went on stage, the audience’s enthusiasm was sparked once again, the fans offstage used their energy and shouted and chanted their idol’s names.
Many fans were there, including Yu Quan, Jolin Tsai, Super Junior M’s fans. Most of them meet online and communicate using the internet to gather at the event. Super Junior M’s fanclub leader (Hot Pepper*) said that out of the fifty-sixty girls (fans), there were college students, junior high students, that came from SiChuan, HeNan, and, WuHan and other provinces by themselves (to the event).
After the performance, the group of fans hurriedly went to the airport to send their idols off from WuHan.
A fan from HeNan booked a flight along with Super Junior M to accompany them to BeiJing.

The Absence of Hangeng Makes Fans Sad
Yesterday night, when it was time for the famous Super Junior M’s appearance, without their leader Hangeng, many fans on site have shouted together “Very Sad”** The reporters learned from the organizers that the cause of HanGeng’s absence is because of the case between him and Korea’s SME.

Hot Peppers is like a nickname*
Poor translation, directly translated would be “sour hearted”**


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[PIC] 100105 OPPO Bag


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