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[TRANS] 100329 Sukira Transcript – Junsu cracked Eunhyuk’s knuckles

Junsu cracked Eunhyuk’s knuckles
Leeteuk: “I heard that people who like to crack their knuckles, if they don’t hear the “crack” sounds from all ten fingers, they won’t start doing anything.”
Eunhyuk: “Mm, that’s right. Those that like to crack their knuckles like it even more when they crack other people’s knuckles, so irritating.”
Leeteuk: “ Mm mm! Donghae is just like that.”
Eunhyuk: “Donghae is also counted. When Junsu is younger, he cracks his knuckles really fast….”
Leeteuk: “Yeah right, I remember now.”
Eunhyuk: “His movements are faster than our eyes, while standing beside him you can always hear the “cracking” sounds.”
Leeteuk: “He cracks his knuckles as fast as a blink.”
Eunhyuk: “Now my fingers are all bent, because of that guy.”
Leeteuk: “Constantly cracking the knuckles is bad for the joints, better don’t crack so much.”


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[TRANS] 100108-100114 Sukira Transcripts, Invisible Members, Perfect 179, Eunteuk in swimwear etc.

In the extremely cold weather, Leeteuk used his hands to wash his car
Leeteuk: A few days ago, when the temperature was below zero, it snowed and the car was dirty. So in the middle of the night, at 10.30, I went to a self service car wash place, empty handed. I put in a coin, and empty handed, I poured a bucket of water onto the car. After pouring it, (the water on the car) became ice.
Eunhyuk: Nonsense, it was such a cold day, of course it would freeze.
Leeteuk: It was about -7/-8 degrees, I hesitated whether to continue, in my heart I was thinking, when a man pulls out a sword, he should proceed, and end the battle quickly*. The bubbles were all frozen, my hands were almost breaking. Again, I hesitated if I wanted to leave it as it is. The car would break down…… No, a man should persevere to the end. I poured another bucket of water, my frozen hands really couldn’t continue wiping. I put my hand in the water again, my hand could move, but the water was very cold, the feeling was like my hand was being ripped apart……
Eunhyuk: You were filming Invincible Challenge…… What were you doing so foolishly.
Leeteuk: I was almost dying.
Eunhyuk: Sending the car to a car wash would get the job done, why would you want to wash it yourself.
Leeteuk: Anyway I persevered to the end, when I finished washing the entire car was frozen, it wasn’t easy for me to open the car door.
Eunhyuk: When you wash your car, you don’t take a look at the weather conditions.

*I did a literal translation, but the gist of it is that since he has already started doing something, he should continue and just get it over and done with.

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[PIC] 100325 Sukira Update

Taken on 100322

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[VIDEO] 100212 Sukira Cuts

100212 Sukira – Eunteuk spazzy dance to CL & Minzy’s “Please don’t go” (3minutes 33seconds)

100212 Sukira – Eunteuk dance to 2PM’s Heartbeat + Hyuk’s gift (3minutes 14seconds)

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[PIC] 100211 Sukira Update

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[PIC] 100208 Sukira Update

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[PIC] 100206 Sukira Update

Taken on 100204

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