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[VIDEO] 091121 Yesung in NHSS Encore Ending Fancam

091121 Yesung in Namhansansung encore Ending

LaCrymaMosa @ youtube


[PIC] 091121 Namhansansung Official Pictures

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[PIC] Namhansansung Fanart

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[NEWS] 091116 “Namhansansung” encore performance on November 21 & 22

The musical “Namhansansung” will have encore performances at 5PM on November 21 & 22 at the theatre of Kyungki-do Culture & Art Center.

“Namhansansung” has been very successful when performed at Seongnam Art Center from October 9th to November 4th. The musical was ranked No.1 two weeks in a row on the ticket booking site and 1.800 seats of Seongnam Art Center Opera house always are occupied more than 70% in every night.

It was known that Super Junior member Yesung will also attend the encore performances.




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[PIC]091109 Yesung at Namhansansung Backstage

091109 yesung ta nhss backstage



Reuploaded by: ★_Excentrique @

[PIC] 091104 Yesung in Namhansansung



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[PIC] 091103 Yesung in Namhansansung


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Hi there! I just want you to know that I won't be able to post proper updates these coming days.. I will be busy with school stuff. With all the academics and non-academic activities, plus my OJT, I don't think I'll still have the time.. I'll still try to post though.. Thanks for understanding.. And don't worry, my mind might not be with Super Junior, but my heart will always be with them... Hwaiting~~!!


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