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[PIC] 100203 SJ’s waiting room at Seoul Music Award

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[PIC] 100129 Yesung Hong Gildong Doll

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[PIC] 100122 SPAO and Everysing Store


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[PIC] 091125 Super Junior SPAO T-shirt

This is what Yesung and Leeteuk wore for the SPAO opening ceremony.


091124 Siwon OHP Entry

Title: [SiWon] For those that I love…
Posted: 2009-11-24 Time:11:15:00

Is everyone alright? How have you been?

I’m currently in Shenzhen:) because I’m shooting a CF, going back to Beijing again. Because everyone have been missing me, I have been praying hard for you all lately.:) I still want to pray for everyone even more!

So if anyone have anything that you wish to pray for, you can reply your name and what you need to pray for below after seeing my message!( it doesn’t matter what language)

I will confirm it and then pray for you all! Everyone have given me a lot of love and prayed for me. Although I’m little afraid that it may not be much but I want to repay you all!

It doesn’t matter where, happy or sad or tired, we will get through it together!

Although I’m straying off topic…I hope that distance between everyone and I will be pulled closer. Everyone do participate!

I will love everyone more in the future!
May God bless you!


I love you all!


Thanks to Blue` for the heads up!^^

[NEWS] 091122 Heechul’s childhood photo revealed

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[VIDEO] 091121 Mnet MAMA CGV, Overseas Viewer & Mobile Choice Awards

[091121] Mnet MAMA CGV, Overseas Viewer & Mobile Choice Awards-Super Junior

SSYY008 @ youtube

Super Girl Speaks!!

Hi there! I just want you to know that I won't be able to post proper updates these coming days.. I will be busy with school stuff. With all the academics and non-academic activities, plus my OJT, I don't think I'll still have the time.. I'll still try to post though.. Thanks for understanding.. And don't worry, my mind might not be with Super Junior, but my heart will always be with them... Hwaiting~~!!


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