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[TRANS] 100331 Super Junior’s interview with SeeSanBunTerngSod’s Thailand Channel 3

Super junior interview with ‘SeeSanBunTerngSod’s Thailand Channel 3’

△ All: สวัสดีครับ! (Hello!) We’re Super Junior !

– Interviewer: Can say that your Thai language was so good and your greeting tradition was so better than old. Besides normally greeting such as ‘Hello’ or ‘Thank you’ can you guys said another sentence?

△ Leeteuk: ผมเซ็กซี่ไหม? (Am I sexy?) ดีมาก (Very good)

– Interviewer: Oh, ดีมาก so you guys often go to Thailand. Do you have any impression?

△ Leeteuk: Yeah, we’re very impress and wanted to go to Pattaya* very much because Pattaya was first place that we performed our concert and was the first place that we performed the concert on Thailand**. We talked each other that if the time that we can’t sing and dance come. Last our concert will be organize at Pattaya.

– Interviewer: If they talk about Thailand, they will consider Thailand first. Now Thai fanclub has been waiting for the 4th album a long time. Is the releasing 4th album time close?

△Leeteuk: We’re preparing for the 4th album and we dedicate on it very much. I need the fanclub please wait for awhile and you will meet with 4th album soon.

– Interviewer: Ah, finally it’s last time. Do you guys want to say with Thai fanclub which is following and waiting for the 4th album? I want to everyone say it, sir.

△ Donghae: Thai fanclub, please wait for awhile. 4th album is releasing soon and it’s more special than period albums, thank you.

△ Sungmin: Don’t forget to follow our album, thank you.

△ Kyuhyun: Thanks Thai fanclub who follow Super Junior and don’t forget to follow our next album too, thank you.

△ Yesung: We’ll come back with our 4th album, please wait for awhile.

△ Ryeowook: Please wait for a moment, we’ll come back with our new album and please follow both of CF, Drama and concert too.

△Shindong: I’m sure that Thai fanclub must be pleasurable for our 4th album. Please wait for a moment.

– Interviewer: Thank you.

* Pattaya is not province but it’s special self-governing province like Bangkok which don’t count these, Thailand will have 74 province.
** These sentences are not same, please read well.


Thai to English translated by sonethloveshizz at


[TRANS] 091225 Super Junior Interview for Epop Magazine, Epop Magazine issue 240

Epop: This year could be said to be Super Junior’s year, and also receiving the Daesung, how does that feels?
Eeteuk: To be a singer on stage has been my dream. So I am very happy! Many thanks to all the ELFs and those who have supported us all these while.

Epop: This time, Super Junior’s stage didn’t have KiBum and Kang-In, it must be really difficult for you guys right?
Eeteuk: Erm.. Actually, Super Junior has 13 people. Although they may not be physically with us, but mentally, they always are. Furthermore, after knowing that we received the DaeSung, KiBum and Kang-In were very happy as well!
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[TRANS] 100109 Super Junior on Yamaha Fino Press Conference

Today (January 8, 2009) Super Junior appeared with informal clothes and greeting very friendly with the reporter.

“Hello we are Super Junior!”

△ When you go to here. is there any special ?
Leetuek : This time that we go to Thailand because we will filming the advertisement and also will keep the picture and memory from Thailand too.

△ Have you ever seen both of your advertisement? How do you feel? Do you talk about this with your other member?
Leetuek : Yes, I’ve seen it. In Korea, netizens had uploaded both of advertisement on internet too. My friend is very jealously.

△ How did you feel that you had been to Thailand for filming the advertisement and you had ridden the Fino (motorcycle) on the mountain? (They mean Old advertisement)
Donghae : Thailand’s natural is very beautiful and I feel very funny when I rode the Fino on the mountain. If I have more chance I’ll ride it on the beach too. Continue reading ‘[TRANS] 100109 Super Junior on Yamaha Fino Press Conference’

[VIDEO] 100108 SJ at Yamaha Fino Press Conference Fancams

100108 Yamaha Press Conference with Super Junior- Sweet Leeteuk



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[VIDEO] 091231 YTN YSTAR Super Junior Cut

[091231] YTN Show Super Junior cut

elfzone @ yotuube + heenism @

[TRANS] 091225 KBSWorld Radio

251209 interveiw with Leeteuk and EunHyuk in KBS world radio Arabic Department

two DJs for this interview. Refering to them as DJ 1 , DJ 2 and DJs (if both of them talk)
ET(Eeteuk ) , EH ( EunHyuk)

DJ 1 : today guys we have a big gift for the new year
DJ 2 : yes , honestly this not just a gift for you (listeners) , it’s for us as well , right ?
DJ 1 : yeah
DJ 2 : I feel like i’m dreaming right now and I don’t want to wake up . guys , do you know who are with us today?
I think you (listeners) didn’t expect this too . because of you and because of your massages that you tell us throw it (massages)
to do this interview with Super Junior . your dream has achieved and we (all) will not forget it .
DJ 1 : today guys we are hosting 2 handsome guys from the korean boyband Super Junior.
DJ 2 : here they are Eeteuk and Eunhyuk .
DJs : welcome welcome
ET & EH : Hello , we’re Super Juni ~ o r
DJs : nice to meet you , nice to meet you guys
DJ1 : before we start please introduce your selves to the listeners
ET : hello , I’m Super Junior’s leader Eeteuk
EH : hello , I’m Super Junior’s member Eunhyuk , nice to meet you
DJ 2 : so , do you know guys that you and all Super Junior’s members are very famous in Arab countries .
DJ 1 : we have a lot of massages from the listeners expressing their feeling about Super Junior and saying how much they like you
And your songs too . and ask us (KBS world radio) to do this interview and some ask you to visit the USE
DJ 2 : have you been in any Arabic country before ?
ET : unfortunately we haven’t visit any , but if there is a chance we want to visit Arabic country in the future . thank you for loving us
DJ 2 : is there any chance to hold concert in any Arabic country like USE ?
ET : we want to go there for concert and fan meeting but first we want the Arabic fans to give more love to us .
DJ 1 :some of the members are doing drama and you DJ-ing in Kbs radio , how is your schedule coordinating ?
ET : it all done by the manger’s help , we also cooperate and try not to make our solo activity conflict with our group activity
DJ 2 : then what do you do in your free time , do you play a video games ?
EH : for me , I like spend my time in shopping and .. I like driving also.
ET : I like spend my free time in the dorm and going online and sometime I play piano
DJ 2 : he’s an artiest after all
DJ 1 : do you go to noraebang* and what kind of music do you sing there ?
ET : yes we visit it (noraebang) sometimes and we sing all kind of song especially Trot songs.
DJ 1 : how many time do you go there ?
ET : 2 times in a year
DJs : not so much , you have to go often Continue reading ‘[TRANS] 091225 KBSWorld Radio’

[TRANS] 091225 January 2010 Issue of ReiLi SJM Interview

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