[MOD POST] Super Girl Is calling for some help!!


I’ve been so busy lately. I just graduated from college and now I have a job.

In short, I am so busy now.

Soooooo.. I need someone to help me update my blog. Although I’ll be away from my dear compy,

I’d still be checking every now & then to keep my blog on track. I need around 2-5 people to add posts and update my blog.

Please. I need someone to update my blog ASAP.


— You must have a wordpress account.

— Should be familiar on how to use wordpress.
—  Must be regularly online.
— You’re a HUGE fan of Super Junior .

Just leave a message here if you like to help.

I’ll be choosing only five ELFs.

I’ll be confirming who will be helping me

this April 18, 2010 / 6:00 – 8:00, Philippines’ Time

I’ll just email the intructions ASAP.



Sorry for the late update..

Apparently, only few people took notice of this post.. so I’ll be extending the


Aside from making a comment on this post, please

send me an email containing your

1. Name

2. Email Address

3. SJ-World username(if you already have one)

Please… I really do need you help…


8 Responses to “[MOD POST] Super Girl Is calling for some help!!”

  1. 1 sjrocks April 19, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Hello Super Girl ! May I still apply ?

    I just signed up for wordpress a while ago because i wanted to make an archive for super junior too . but then i bumped onto your page and read that you’re hiring . so i decided that instead of making my own blog here , i might just help in yours . that’s if you’re still in need . . i’d really love to help . btw , i’m from the philippines .

  2. 4 valerie April 21, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    can i still apply,eventhoug i know i am late,
    i would like to help to update about super junior website/

  3. 6 Grace April 23, 2010 at 1:05 am


    If you still need any help, I would love to help you to update the website! 😀

  4. 8 Arab.ELF November 15, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Hi Guys .. All ELF’S In The World
    Want to Super Junior Win on MAMA alright ?! so
    what about Meet in Time Specific ؟!
    I mean we are can Give ( Best Dance Performance – Male Group)
    To Super Junior When Cooperate …
    Let’s Meet in one time ,, voting in one time
    Like one Heart .. THE 4 NOMINATION SUJU WILL BE WIN!!
    This Is a promise ELF .. WE ARE CAN DO IT
    let’s meet on Thursday-17 November
    6:00 – 22:00 GMT
    If you like this ,, pleas Publish to all ELF
    from :~ arab ELF

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Hi there! I just want you to know that I won't be able to post proper updates these coming days.. I will be busy with school stuff. With all the academics and non-academic activities, plus my OJT, I don't think I'll still have the time.. I'll still try to post though.. Thanks for understanding.. And don't worry, my mind might not be with Super Junior, but my heart will always be with them... Hwaiting~~!!


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