[MOD POST] Super Girl Is calling for some help!!


I’ve been so busy lately. I just graduated from college and now I have a job.

In short, I am so busy now.

Soooooo.. I need someone to help me update my blog. Although I’ll be away from my dear compy,

I’d still be checking every now & then to keep my blog on track. I need around 2-5 people to add posts and update my blog.

Please. I need someone to update my blog ASAP.

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Official and fan taken pictures, Fan cams and download link…

It’s all here!!

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Everything Super Junior!!

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Revisiting. Reminiscing.

I has been 2415 days or 6 years 7 months and 9 days since I wrote my last post I am sorry.

Since that time, a lot has happened to Super Junior and to Super Girl as well.

I feel ashamed because I wasn’t able to supporting Super Junior. Since I left this page, I took different roads and turns. But somehow, I still find my way to Super Junior.

It has been years since I followed the boys. I stopped visiting SJ-World. These days, the most I see of them is when I stumble upon them in my FB feed. I feel sad thinking about the times I was so crazy about them. I have disappointed them.

My thoughts about this page came into my mind and that’s what brought me here today. I want to remember those months that I spend in front of my old computer, downloading and uploading photos.

I am still a K-fan. I developed a liking for Korean dramas. I also downloaded some of other idols’ albums (B1A4, 2PM, Big Bang), but I listed to Korean drama OSTs the most. I also started eating Korean food and tried making (and selling) kimchi.

Maybe in ten years, I might come back again and visit this wonderful period of my life.

I am still forever an ELF.

I am sorry.

It’s been a while since I posted something in this blog. I’ve been busy with work, and I really don’t have time to update anymore.

The purpose of this entry is for me to say sorry to those who still open and keep track of my blog. You’ve been there since it has been established, and I hate to know that you’ll see it fall.

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[NEWS] 100412 SS2 in Philippines Press Conference ; Leeteuk “We’ve always wanted to come here”, 2 articles

Korean pop group Super Junior will be will holding its first Super Show 2 full concert at the Araneta Coliseum at 7PM tonight. All members, fans who go crazy for Suju, this will be the first time for a K-pop group to hold a large-scale concert at one of the largest entertainment arena in Philippines.

During a Press Conference held in Edsa Shangri-la in Ortigas earlier, Super Junior members expressed their excitation for the concert.

“We have already heard from people that we will be holding our concert in a very huge stadium, therefore we are very excited,” said the leader Leeteuk, “the entire performance will be filled with striking surprises.”
“There will be a very special performance where we will be dressed up as girls,” he revealed, after some explanation, they will be impersonating their junior from SM Entertainment, f(x). “Therefore, please keep a close attention to these surprises.”
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[NEWS] 100412 Newsen Reports “Super Junior had about 200,000 fans in attendance on concert!”

Super Junior is a certified “Hallyu Star” completing their final concert in the Philippines after 9 months in their tour.
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[NEWS] 100411 Super Junior Kim Heechul smirked when taking photo for his driver´s license

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Super Girl Speaks!!

Hi there! I just want you to know that I won't be able to post proper updates these coming days.. I will be busy with school stuff. With all the academics and non-academic activities, plus my OJT, I don't think I'll still have the time.. I'll still try to post though.. Thanks for understanding.. And don't worry, my mind might not be with Super Junior, but my heart will always be with them... Hwaiting~~!!


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